Sou‘wester Exploration and Technology Inc.

Sou’wester Exploration and Technology Inc.

Richard (Rick) Corradini, President of Sou’wester Exploration and Technology Inc./Corradini Farm, has gained extensive experience in the field of wind, solar, anaerobic digestors and combined heat and power (A/D-CHP) over the last 20 years. He has consulted on over 50 COMFIT projects based on wind, solar and A/D-CHP.

Rick Corradini Qualifications

  1. Wind and Solar Resource Analysts and Renewable Energy Project Developer with wide range of experience working in the following sectors;
  • Resource assessment for Wind, Solar, Biomass and Energy Crop potential
  • Extensive experience with NSPI Transmissions and Distribution Networks in Rural NS specifically in the SW Nova area;
  • Firm understanding of the local Municipal Development Bylaws and Environmental Permitting Process for Renewable Energy Development;
  • Extensive background in working with Rural and First Nation Communities to develop stakeholder strategies community engagement and energy security pertaining to Renewable and Alternate Energy Project.
  1. Management experience;
  • Director Project Development for;
    • 28 COMFIT applications resulting in 42 MW of Wind Projects with over $56 million capital Budget;
    • 21 COMFIT applications resulting in 3 MW of Biomass Projects with over $12 million capital Budget;
    • over 200 projects resulting in over 1 MW of Solar Photo-Voltaic installations;
  • Farm Manager for Biomass Biogas and Bioenergy crops developing eventually developing up to 5000 Ha of energy crops in NS
  • Business Development Manager for Solar Systems, Solar Home Rebate Program and Development of Community Building Solar Pilot Program;
  1. Relevant Practical Experience
  • Resource Modeling for optimization of renewable energy systems
  • Site design and development of operation and maintenance plans for renewable generation facilities
  • Community Engagement and development of Community liaison groups within the Rural Communities
  1. Other Qualifications
  • Certificate in Alternate and Advanced Biofuels through the Biofuels Network
  • Certificate in Short Rotation Energy Crops Procurement

Rick Corradini Professional Experience

  • Director of Project Development - SWEB Development - Developed 42 MW of wind energy Project under the NS COMFIT projects with 6 MW in the WRENS area Management of staff,
  • Project Developer for 18 MW of Biogas RNG project within Nova Scotia
  • Energy crop production for Short Rotation Woody Crops/Biomass and Energy Crops

Rick Corradini Projects

  • Wind Resource Assessment and SODAR deployment for the Municipality of the District of Shelburne (COMFIT)
  • Project Developer – Community Wind Farms – Little River, Black Pond, Brenton (Figure 1)
  • Community Solar Building Program - Several Sites around the Western Region
  • Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO) PV Solar Installation (Figure 2)
  • Consulting Services to the Municipality for the District of Digby for the recommissioning of the COMFIT Biogas –CHP Generator Site
  • Consulting Services for the Tracadie COMFIT Biogas-CHP Site (Figure 3)

Figure 1 – Little River Community Wind Farm – Little River Harbour NS

Figure 2 – Photovoltaic Installation at Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Figure 3 – COMFIT Biogas Combined Heat and Power Generation Site – Tracadie NS


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