Save yourself money and do your part to mitigate climate change by reducing harmful emissions. We can develop the perfect plan for your business or home and guide you through the execution of that plan.

What's Stopping You from Reducing Your Emissions?

Not Enough Hours in the Day

There just aren't enough hours in the day to focus on everything that you want to do to keep business operations running smoothly.

Pressure to Make a Change

You are realizing that a change needs to be made to reduce your emission output, as it's costing you goodwill - with staff and clients.

Not Doing Your Part

Guilty of not doing your part to combat climate change? But don't know where to start? We can help.

Save Some Money While Doing Good

Do your part to help mitigate climate change with the effective use of energy and you'll end up saving yourself some cash along the way.

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Save money and do your part to help mitigate climate change.

Do it through the effective use of energy. We can help.

MCC Energy Works for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Clients

Bruce McCulloch of MCC Energy Strategies Inc. is trained in LEED* and is a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP). In addition, Bruce actively works at staying current on new and innovative technology so as it permits him to intelligently assess opportunities at work or in a home.

Past Experience Includes:
  • Variable Speed Air Compressor - Payback 9 months
  • HVAC Energy Management Control System - Payback 8 months
  • Steam and Hot Water Boilers to Natural Gas - Payback 9 months

*LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Efficiency Audits

Efficiency Audits

On-site reviews of Energy Efficiency initiatives (LED lighting, Heat Pumps, Refrigeration controllers, Variable Frequency Drives, etc.) in a variety of buildings.



Directed rebuild of pharmaceutical and building utility equipment by analyzing situation, creating plan, hiring contractors, adapting to the owners changing requirements and objectives.



Researched 7 world-class CMMS software and provided recommendations to a plastic film company.

Wasted Energy Can Lead To

MCC Enerygy Straegies Inc.
Too much money being spent on energy
MCC Enerygy Straegies Inc.
Uncomfortable work space (air quality, etc.)
MCC Enerygy Straegies Inc.
Sub-optimal production flow
MCC Enerygy Straegies Inc.
Sub-optimal equipment
MCC Enerygy Straegies Inc.
Emissions (direct or indirect) that are too high leading to poor (or sub-optimal) corporate image
MCC Enerygy Straegies Inc.
Emissions (direct or indirect) that are too high leading to dampening of employee morale

You helped make my recent work term at Bio Vectra a successful experience. I have worked with many engineers over the years and few have had a kind heart and soul that makes doing a difficult task easier. I don’t think I would have made it to the end of the job, without your help.
Thank you."

Peter MacInnes, Millwright

Nova Millwrights Contracting Ltd

Sou’wester Exploration and Technology Inc.
David C. Stewart & Associates Inc.
Cameron Consulting Inc.
Equilibrium Engineering Inc.
Blue House Energy
Tate Engineering
Airtight Spaces

Company News & Projects

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Little River Wind Farm Project
Tidal Energy: Strategic Environmental Assessment – Bay of Fundy (Phase I)
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Contact MCC Energy and we'll set up a time to visit your location, assess the problem, get to studying it and (where applicable) have Efficiency NS fund a Feasibility Study. ASAP we will get back to you with ideas for energy efficiency to move forward.