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Energy Modelling is useful, and is often times needed, for new projects. It is also used for assessing new energy management strategies in existing building structures. Specifically, modelling is useful for:

Regulatory Compliance

Technical Evaluation

Energy Performance Assessment

• Greenhouse Gas analysis

• Calculation of heating & cooling loads

• Calculate energy consumption

• Code compliance

• Determining equipment capacities

• Estimate utility costs

• Green certifications

• Compare heating/cooling options

• Lifecycle payback


• Compare efficiency options



Custom Retrofit Feasibility Study

Efficiency Nova Scotia provides funding to have a consultant conduct a Custom Feasibility Study for ...

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Real Time Electrical Monitoring

Real Time Electrical Monitoring pinpoints how electricity is used in your facility. That can take th...

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Solar has great potential in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a greater Solar Energy potential than Germany and Germany uses Solar PhotoVoltaic to...

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Canada Revenue Agency Will Permit 100% Write-Offs in Year 1

It is not often that the CRA will permit a business to write-off 100% of the capital costs in the ye...

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Efficiency savings through HVAC equipment maintenance, especially economizers.

Repairing or adjusting economizer actuators or dampers may offer savings of 14% to 40%. Repairing f...

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Carbon Offsets available for Net Zero Carbon Buildings (ZCB)

Building owners are starting to realize that they need to adopt a Zero Carbon emission approach in o...

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