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Solar has great potential in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a greater Solar Energy potential than Germany and Germany uses Solar PhotoVoltaic to power 7% of their grid. (Nova Scotia solar energy does not even account for 1%).  Government regulations permit homes as well as Industrial, Commercial or Institutional (ICI) facilities to connect with Nova Scotia Power as part of a net-metering program. After being a Solar Educator with the not-for-profit organization Solar NS, MCC Energy has become an advisor to impartially evaluate various solar proposals from installers. Also, MCC Energy was key to finding the financing, and aiding in the development, of the 30kW of solar power on the Parrsboro Band Association Community Hall.   
1. There are incentives available through Efficiency NS for homes, but not yet for ICI situations.
2. The maximum production level is 100 kW DC for net-metering. (The typical home uses about 10kW). 
3. In cases where the solar potential is greater that 100 kW, an ICI facility might choose to put solar “behind the meter”. MCC Energy can work through the business case for such a situation. 


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Contact MCC Energy and we'll set up a time to visit your location, assess the problem, get to studying it and (where applicable) have Efficiency NS fund a Feasibility Study. ASAP we will get back to you with ideas for energy efficiency to move forward.